4 Body Lotion Fragrances to swear by from Bath & Body Works

I have been a hunter for good fragrances, fragrances that stays for longer periods. And I know how hard it is to find the one which calls for you. I have decided to share my favorites so that you can skip all the hard work 🙂

After testing a lot of brands my search ended at Bath & Body Works.Their signature collection of body lotions is hands down the best for the money they are selling it in.Its been only a year since I started using these lotions and I couldn’t decide which is better. Hence I am going to review all of them for you and maybe you get lucky to find one for you. The review is based upon the usage of these products for a year.

  1. Cherry Blossom: The very first thing you feel while applying this lotion is the goodness of soft flower & sandalwood notes. No wonder this is one of their most sold products. I love how tempting this formula looks in soft pink and smells even better.
  2. Tahiti: I first discovered Tahiti at Body shop and since then I have been hunting different products with Tahitian products. Tahitian flowers have a very aromatic fragrance that calms down your senses instantly. This lotion also has a blend of Bamboo & Lily petals which makes the fragrance unique and long-lasting.
  3. Dark Kiss: The hypnotic sweet fragrance of vanilla & burgundy rose makes this one of the most frequently used lotions for me. I use it in the morning, after a bath , before bed, as my hand cream. This does it all for me. I can’t seem to get over their tempting fragrance.
  4. Cucumber Melon: My Husband’s favorite & the HERO of all fragrances available. Applying this is literally like drenching yourself with melon & cucumber. This gives a long-lasting freshness and the fragrance seems to linger all around you once you apply it.

Shop the product here: https://www.bathandbodyworks.com/c/body-care/body-lotion

All these lotions come with Shea & Vitamin E and leaves skin soft and super smooth for longer periods. Apart from their fragrance, the ability to actually moisturize skin keeping it nourished as claimed by them is something which has kept me loyal to this brand.

I hope you like these recommendations. Do share with your friends & family. Feel free to comment below and ask anything regarding the product.






4 responses to “4 Body Lotion Fragrances to swear by from Bath & Body Works”

  1.  avatar

    Great to know laado I will try…as I am stucked with Nivea only

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    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      Great!! Keep reading my blogs.Thanks 🥰


  2. V avatar

    I used to swear by Bath and Body Works lotions. I had a ton. Like a whole closet full! I remember Dark Kiss being one of my favourite!

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    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      Its my favorite too.I use it all the time. Probably even when I need a perfume😋.Thanks for reading.

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