Two Fashion Trends I love you wont believe I never carried until now!

Fashion lets you be who you are and who you want to be because it encourages you to try new things & be different.

Hello everyone! I have had straight hair all my life. The only times I curled my hair were marriage events. I am huge on different haircuts and hair color but all of them came with the promise I made to myself – The Straight Hair. All of you agree on the fact that straight hair could be the most hassle free version of hair/haircut/hairstyle, so why not? Curls are seemingly all over the internet these days but it is not what pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, in-fact it is quite the opposite. I have been binge watching shows on Netflix and weirdly most of them are based in early 80’s when those golden curls were all the big talk. I could not agree more to the fact that curls add a more younger and lively vibe to your personality. And so I went on to give it a try and I am never coming back. I love those things which turn your hair into noodle straps making your highlights to glitter like a sun.Yes,I love Curls.

The other fashion trend I never tried before is a cap.OK! This sounds funny & I am a little guilty about it but I never ever owned a cap before until now. Pathetic! I know. But I was so comfortable with not having it I thought its such an extra burden on my head and for what. But then I did buy a cap, wore it and suddenly I am a cool and sporty girl from a chic elegant lady that I thought I am(at least that’s what I thought I look like). It taught me that all it takes is a step ahead and experience something completely new and encouraging. I realized that such a small thing like a cap can change your perspective about your personal life. Everyone has their insecurities and their comfort zone. Most of the time its harder to take the first step. Fashion has helped me to take risks and accept everything that I am or I can be without caring about what people might say. I am hoping this article brings out the same positive energy in your life.

Have a happy weekend guys! Please share ,like and comment. Keep shining!





4 responses to “Two Fashion Trends I love you wont believe I never carried until now!”

  1. Samiksha avatar

    Definitely gonna try these… looks stylishly cool 😛💕


    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!


  2. Tina Siuagan avatar

    I have curled my hair for years because it made life easier for me. It’s like waking up in a salon everyday. Though I miss my big waves, I am now experimenting on straight hair — the one I’ve always had since birth. Any hairstyle will suit you, Pretty. Play with it and have fun.
    The cap looks good on you too. I wonder if I can still pull this off now that I’m already in my thirties. Lol.

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    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Its great to hear from you. I am sure you can pull that cap off brilliantly. Age really doesn’t matter 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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