1 shirt + 4 styles for a better world!

Hello everyone! Let me surprise you today with something and that is I love repeating my clothes. Yes! I do. I do not encourage the idea of not repeating clothes at all. Let me tell you guys,it is not cool. Do not spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary clothes & use that piece of cloth as much as you can. Make use of every last penny you spent on it and do it in style. It is also one way of sustainable fashion. More shopping leads to more demands and that leads to the over consumption of natural resources & increased water pollution. Like I always say lets build a safe world and lets do that with the help of fashion. Today I am gonna tell you what is really cool and that is how you can style your single shirt differently every time you go out and look sassy.

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6 responses to “1 shirt + 4 styles for a better world!”

  1. kelvin Liam avatar

    Cool hacks indeed…I love that 💕


    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      Thanks for liking. 🙂


  2. WhyToStop avatar

    You look amazing dear

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shreya Yadav avatar

      You are a sweetheart. Thank you so much


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