Skylar Perfume Review!

I am so thankful to be able to work with such amazing cruelty free brands. I am completely loving WILLOW perfume by @skylar. It’s natural woodsy scent is sure to keep you feeling fresh, elegant and close to nature. I love the fact that it is a consciously crafted cruelty free product. Since its also hypoallergenic,non toxic and paraben-free I am sure to choose this more often than other perfumes from my shelf . I love to wear it on my neck keeping it close to my heart and soul . #myskylarbody

Have a Happy Monday!





One response to “Skylar Perfume Review!”

  1. gianmarco groppelli, *J&J* avatar

    I hope you will spent a lovely week end
    see ya soon
    huges xo 😘

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