GYV has got the Best Hand Cream for coming Fall!

Hello everyone! I cant believe that the summers are already halfway through and the fall is fast approaching. Soon we will be grabbing our full sleeves sweatshirts out of our wardrobes. The leaves will turn yellow and our hands will turn dry. That is why I always plan my skincare routine ahead of every season. Dry hands are a big issue for many of us and we are always juggling between hand creams to find the one which actually moistens our hands and keeps them soft.

Dalia fragrance is my favorite of them all.Its absolutely relaxing.
They also have it in Jamaica,mango,Limon & Vainilla
Buy it here:

GYV hand cream has got us all. Their hand creams are rich in maize, squash, bean & Chile- The Mesoamerican staples which helps to keep your hands beautifully soft and moisturized. The lush botanical ingredients are the plus point. This hand cream has never left my shelves till the day I was introduced to it. Since its paraben-free and rich in Vitamin E and vitamin K, you can find me shamelessly approaching for it in my bag all the time.


This candle immediately lights up the mood with relaxing energy. I have been writing about my obsession with fragrances & candles. This one tops them all with no doubt. I am entirely in love with this fragrance. It lingers throughout the day even after blowing it off. I suggest who have certain allergies should give this one a try since its made out of 100% natural vegetable wax.

Buy it here:

I have been using these products for more than two weeks and the review is based on my personal experience. I hope you like this post. Do comment,like and share. Have a beautiful Day





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