Pampering my Houseplants!

Happy Hump day you all and yayy we are halfway through this week. Today I am gonna share one of the things I love to spend time with when I’m home. Having plants around sure cheer up my mood and makes me feel home. I’m sure you all love having the greens around you. I have been collecting a lot of houseplants in this quarantine. Your responsibilities towards your plants increase once they become part of your daily life. You need to keep watering them right, grooming them to keep them healthy and pamper cause you love them like your babies. I have been spending a lot of time shopping affordable and aesthetically pleasing planters for my house. Target, Marshals, HomeGoods, and Wayfair are my favorite brands for shopping planters. I also ordered a palm tree and a bird of paradise plant from Walmart and they are gorgeous, perfectly healthy plants. These two have been a beautiful addition to my house. Keep dragging down to shop my favorite planters to adorn your lovely plants. I have linked them for you all to shop.

You can shop all these in one place and they are on sale:

It’s lovely to have plants around and take care of them. If you haven’t tried already , you should definitely find some plants for your house or your room. It will surely make you feel so much lively and happy. I hope this post perk up your day and you find it useful. Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by. XOXO





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