Hi Everyone! I just came back from a summer vacation with my cousin and it was great. I also took a months break from Instagram. Yes, I am that sort of a person who needs a break from social media every 3-4 months. Honestly it is refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing. You all should do it too. Its always a great idea to spend some time off internet and enjoy life with friends and family.

As you all know, I have been decorating my house for a while now, I decided to take the home décor to a whole new level. I wanted to give wall murals a try and I am glad to say that it completely transformed our loft into a beautiful work & entertainment space. I collaborated with PHOTOWALL, a company originated in Sweden which makes exquisite wall art. Their wall murals/wallpapers are hands down one of the best in market.

Honestly, this project took me and my husband almost a week to complete. One of the downside of it was that we have knockdown texture on all of the house walls and we couldn’t hang wallpaper directly on it. So here’s the DIY steps to hang wallpaper on a textured wallpaper.

  • First you need to skim your wall using joint compound. You can apply the joint compound directly over the wall with putty knife. Make sure to get rid of all the bubbles while doing it and make the surface as smooth as possible. Let it dry for a day. I checked the online videos on how to do it correctly.
  • Once the wall is dry, smoothen it with sand paper and paint a layer of primer on the wall using a paint roller or brush. This step is important to stick the wallpaper otherwise the porous wall will absorb all the adhesive and the wallpaper will not stick. Let the primer dry for a day.
  • Apply the adhesive provided with the wallpaper or buy it online if it doesn’t come with the wallpaper. Apply it on the wall using a paint roller. You will need wallpaper kit to hang wallpaper. Let it dry for a day. TIP: Apply adhesive for one panel at a time.

Check out the before/after image below:

I decorated this space in two ways and couldn’t decide which one to keep. So I am gonna need your help to decide it for me. I just love how it turned out. The space looks so much better and cozy. I chose the design which is called Bohemian Birds in Beige. It goes perfectly with my house aesthetics. Its subtle and give your room a very lively and elegant look. The quality of the paper is super nice. I ordered their premium wallpaper which is thick and has a subtle sheen.

Use my code ‘parrotinpink25’ for 25% discount on any product on their website:

Please like, comment and share. Ask me any questions regarding the DIY wallpaper hanging. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. Have a great day.






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