Get Discounts and Coupons from your favorite brands for Cleaning out your Closet!

Hello everyone! Do you consider cleaning 50% of the clothes out of your closet that never sees the light of the day? If not, how about getting coupons and discounts in return. The first time I came to know about recycling clothes I ran to my closet and dug every last piece that I didn’t want because I was so desperate to clean out my closet and make room for some new clothes which I will actually use. I went to the store and got a 15% discount coupon for handing over my bag of old clothes and I thought Wow, what a win-win situation it is. Since then recycling clothes has become my habit. No really, It’s been only four months I got married and I’m already recycling my husband’s clothes or better say the whole closet :P.

The rise in the fashion industry and cheaper clothes has led to an environmental crisis. And it is our responsibility to do whatever we can for a sustainable fashion future.

Sharing with you your favorite brands who would reward you for recycling clothes.

1.Marks & Spencer: This brand also accepts pre-owned clothes from any brand and in exchange, you are given a voucher worth INR 600.
2. H&M: This program by H&M works in three ways: re-wear, reuse & recycle. Drop your bag of old clothes in the recycle box available at your nearest store. For every bag of clothes drop off you’ll receive a discount card for 15% off your next in-store purchase.
3. LEVI STRAUSS & CO.: Levi’s recently introduced Denim recycling for their consumers. So next time when your Denim stops getting all the love it used to bring it to Levi’s store and get a 20% off on one new item in store.
4. MADEWELL: Like Levi’s, they also reward you with 20% off on a new item when you bring an old pair of jeans from any brand. Their Blue Jeans Go Green program turns them into housing insulation for organizations.

I dropped off few old clothes and shoes in this clothing donation drop box installed by Usagain in Boulder.

To find out the nearest drop box you can check their website here:

Nike, Zara, Aldo, and Patagonia are also few of the brands which support recycling and encourage their consumers for bringing in their unwanted clothes and shoes to reduce waste and build a sustainable fashion industry. So folks start cleaning out your closet right away and say goodbye to the unwanted clothes/textiles for a better cause. Thank you for taking out time to read this article. Feedback is appreciated in the comment section below. Do share the post with your loved ones and bring a change.





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      Thank you so much.


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    Thanks for the info girl !! 2 bags ready.. 😬

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      Thats great. Keep it up :P…..Thanks


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